About Us

About Cakettes

In December of 2009, my husband and I opened the first Cakettes Coffee Shop to a dubious community in a tiny town in Western Massachusetts. We sold out before closing that first day, and became an unexpected overnight success. From that day forward, Cakettes became my life, my passion and my dream, wrapped up in tiny, exquisite handmade treats. We could never have predicted how these customized cake balls would take off, but over the next six years, we worked tirelessly to make our business grow, opening more locations and expanding our main product line to over 30 rotating flavors and experimenting with more than 200 different themes.

Then, in 2015, my husband announced that he was thinking about taking a promotion at his job. Better pay, better opportunities, better everything– the only catch was, this promotion required relocating from our quaint home in Massachusetts all the way to Dallas, Texas. Texas! It may as well have been a million miles away, and it would mean leaving my customers, my staff, and everything we had built at Cakettes behind. But how could I deny him the pursuit of his career when he had poured so much into mine?

So I said goodbye to New England. We sold Cakettes– the trademarks, assets and recipes– to the woman who had been my right hand during the last three years of operation. Rachel now runs the show at her own Cakettes Coffee Shop in Webster, MA… but she knew even before I did that sooner or later I would want to back in the Cakettes Kitchen. In March of 2017, with her blessing and cooperation, we began offering Cakettes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

Using the same recipes and the same commitment to perfection as our beloved Northeastern counterpart, we are Cakettes TX. We specialize in custom decoration for every occasion– weddings, birthdays, life events, holidays, celebrations, graduations, anything you can commemorate with cake!

We are open 12-7pm Tuesday through Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday (closed Monday) at our Carrollton location (2009 West Hebron Parkway, Suite 100).

Contact us at CakettesTX@gmail.com or through our Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/CakettesTX for more information.

Looking for Cakettes in New England? Visit the original Cakettes page at https://www.facebook.com/Cakettes, or www.iwantcakettes.com. Tell Rachel and her faithful crew we sent you!